Nordtext provides the guidance and services you need to run a successful multilingual event. We determine your interpreting needs and assign the right people for the job acting as your single point of contact throughout.


Rely on us for:



Our interpreters

With more than 200 qualified interpreters on our books, we offer interpreting services in 75 languages.


All our interpreters hold at least one university degree in a relevant subject and have excellent language, intercultural, technical, info mining and thematic knowledge and skills.


We make sure to select the interpreter most suited to your needs, ensuring subject matter expertise and several years of interpreting experience.


Interpreting equipment

We work with some of the leading interpreting equipment companies in the region whom we can recommend to provide interpreting booths, microphones, headsets, transmission systems and other gear depending on the scale, type and location of your event. If you'd prefer us to handle the logistics, we're happy to work directly with them.